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Nearly there…

Nearly there

We’ve finally exchanged on Peartree Cottage! It’s been a pleasure renovating our little house and so pleased with the finished result. We’re nearly there!

To celebrate I’ve been busy booking a road trip around France, our route so far includes a stop over at Avignon – a beautiful medieval town – then a few days to explore St Tropez and Monaco. We then head north along the French Alps, driving on the most exciting roads in France. Finally once we stop at Geneva, it’s a long drive west back to the Dordogne.

Wow what an adventure, lots of amazing views, food & wine, before our glamping business gets underway around Christmas time.

We’ve got just over a week left in the UK so making the most of these gorgeous Autumn days before we say our farewells.

The Pantrys x

All systems go!

All systems go

We’ve had lots of exciting updates today, we are exchanging contracts on Peartree cottage within a week which is great! Officially homeless 😂 but all systems go!

We have had 100 pages of reports (in French) regarding asbestos, flooding, infestations, asbestos and many other terrifying aspects of buying a rough and ready property!

Contracts are being drawn up on the French properties, all set to move in before Christmas, which leaves two months of sightseeing before the real adventure begins!

We both have one week left at work, feeling very blessed to 1. Have the opportunity to live a dream 2. Having the balls to go out and do it!!!

Au reviour 🇫🇷


Google 👀 search


Blimey, I think I’ve finally cracked getting onto Google, so if you search Belair le camping it should appear!

The more people that search for us using Google, the higher our site will appear on Google pages so if you haven’t yet taken a look, please do! Until we are in France, the site is constantly evolving so any feedback would be great. Please press the like button on any pages on the site as this all helps to get us further up the ranks!🔝

There is another campsite called Belair camping but this is not us! We are Belair Le Camping.

BTW, our name derives from our village Champagnac de Belair. This takes me back to memories (and rap) of Fresh Prince of Belair so never a bad thing!

We are set to move into our rented house (see image) in Sarrazac 10th October so the race is on to get the house packed, addresses updated and learn French pretty quick 🇫🇷

Au revoir!

The Pantrys



New website!

New website

After some advice, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress for our Glampsite, that was a painful move! Though not a professional, I’d like to think I can put a website together, but WordPress makes life very difficult!

Nevertheless I’m pleased with the end result, and look forward to tweaking the content as our plans come together.

We’ve now got an email address for enquiries, an Instagram page and now beginning to advertise on glamping websites which is amazing!

We are also on track to move to France in October 2016, hence lots of boxes, bubble wrap and tip runs going on in the Pantry household!

Bon soir for now, time to relax with a glass of vin rouge 🍷