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About website

This has been an awesome 48 hours for Belair le Camping (and technically very challenging!).

I’m always up for a challenge and following a minor dabble in website php/coding in my uni days, I thought I would give it a go to set up our own website with full hotel facilities. Blooming hell did I under-estimate that challenge! My brain is not the same (after 13 years completing my degree/2 children/many hours watching reality tv) plus my expectations of template website design were WAY higher!

I did not expect to actually add DNS, HTML, name server etc… information myself. Plus widgets, plug ins, OMG but with help from google, wpbeginners and other helpful sources our website is becoming fully functional.

Thank you to my family members for testing out my booking and PayPal site, your support is massively appreciated!

So I now invite our friends, family, glampers, adventurers and nosy parkers to check availablity, look at prices and test our booking system for any glitches. If you would like to make a serious booking, then we won’t ask for any ££££ until we are open April 2017 and you can see the glampsite pictures (rather than Pinterest images). A discount for friends and family is always available, just ask 😜

Au Revoir for now

The Pantry’s

Designing the glampsite 

Glampsite belairlecamping

Now that the contracts are signed and deposit paid, we have begun the design process and budgeting for our dream glamping site. In a dream world, money would be no object which is not the case! However, we have discovered some hidden gems during our return visit to the glampsite, and with imagination, hard work and creativity a lot of what we want to achieve can be done.

The social area:

Where the existing caravan sits, is a large wooden area near the pool, perfect for a social area. Whip away the caravan (which will be prettied up and used as a honesty shop elsewhere) lay the flooring, bar, chiminea, tables and chairs, pretty lighting set, get the music on and wine out, job done!

The pool area:

Currently, an overground pool sits beneath a beautiful pine tree, in the middle of the campsite. In 2018, we hope to instal a underpool to compliment this pool. As you can see from the pictures, with a lot of decking and then landscaping around the existing pool, it can become quite fabulous!

Outdoor cinema:

The glampsite is set in 4 acres of beautiful grassland and woodland, with a gentle slop on the right hand side. This slope makes a perfect setting for our outdoor cinema, imagine warm summer evenings enjoying a classic film, or cuddling under a blanket during the cooler starry nights…

Lots more projects also underway such as the shower block renovation, possible games room in the barn, erecting the belle tents, furnishing and decorating the accommodation, the list is endless!

Au revoir for now!

The Pantrys

New website!

New website

After some advice, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress for our Glampsite, that was a painful move! Though not a professional, I’d like to think I can put a website together, but WordPress makes life very difficult!

Nevertheless I’m pleased with the end result, and look forward to tweaking the content as our plans come together.

We’ve now got an email address for enquiries, an Instagram page and now beginning to advertise on glamping websites which is amazing!

We are also on track to move to France in October 2016, hence lots of boxes, bubble wrap and tip runs going on in the Pantry household!

Bon soir for now, time to relax with a glass of vin rouge 🍷