One Month Already! Why? When? How?

One month, belairlecamping,

Wow where did that month go? What brought us to this point? Were we mad? Let me explain.

France…living abroad…starting afresh…the idea started as a tiny spark in the background of many, many ideas and began to grow and grow, until one fateful night that spark came to light a fire. Sure, we have spoken about living abroad, hasn’t everyone over a glass of wine at some point? I believe in God and also believe in the Law of Attraction, both of which have similar themes. Seek and you shall Find, Ask and you will Receive.

Well for the last few years we have both prayed for an answer for a problem we couldn’t express and spoken at length for an opportunity to live our lives to its fullest potential. We have youth (one of us;) wisdom (sometimes) and a yearning to live a life less ordinary. Life is for living, not slaving away to make someone else rich, or to spend all our wages on keeping up appearances. That spark is now truely a flame, igniting a fire that had been there the whole time, just needing fuel, direction and breathing space.

Ask and receive, Seek and Find. Things I love: Family. Friends. Food. Wine. Being outdoors. Trying new things. Organising. Holidays. So God and the Universe via a series of events came up with a plan. I put this to my husband one evening. “So how about living in France; glamping is a great way to use all our skills, our girls will love the way of life and we get cheap wine?”

Four months later I’m now writing this blog. Wow how life can deliver when you least expect it! It’s not been all plain sailing. Blooming Brexit happened at the WORST possible time with the exchange rate now the worst for years!!! This limbo period before we get going with the renovations is painful at times! The girls miss their friends at nursery, days out at the zoo and family time. We have no time alone to discuss what the future holds or to have a normal adult conversation and living here coming into winter, this period feels an eternity.

And yet. The end (or rather the beginning) is in sight. We get the keys to the campsite and our new house next month, in time for Christmas. We return to see friends and family for a few short days for my birthday. Our eldest starts school in January, a welcome event for us all! Followed by months of hard work, mega spending and finding our way in a language we are yet to master! This is what we came here for (sings Rihanna in the background) and yes, I can’t wait!

Au revoir

The Pantry’s