A tale of two halves 

About us a tale of two halves

It’s been a week of two halves for the Pantry’s.

On one half we’ve been enjoying adventure filled days out in the Autumn sunshine. Though France is probably best known for scorching summers and snowy skiing winters, Autumn is simply a gorgeous season to explore the villages, towns, rivers and chateaus that make this region so popular.

Check out our photos for examples of how beautiful the Dordogne is. We can only imagine (being our first year in France) how beautiful the scenery is when covered in winters frost and fog and then watching nature literally spring back to life in Spring.

That’s why we’ve decided to keep Belair le Camping open all year round, for those explorers/adventurers/glampers who appreciate nature is all its glory.

All types of our accommodation are fitted with wood burners, thanks to our super supplier  Soulpad who have provided our Bell Tents and stoves to keep us cool all summer and cosy all winter!

The other half has been busy increasing our awareness of Belair le Camping on social media. We haven’t opened yet but getting a lot of support via our Facebook and Instagram accounts and our audience has gone global!

We’ve also been busy trying to add plug ins onto our website to enable holiday makers to check availability, book online and pay securely via Paypal. This is vital to keep us up to date with competitors and make it easy to book directly with us. Will update once this becomes available.

Hope everyone has been enjoying Halloween and making the most of the sunshine whilst it lasts,

Au revoir

The Pantrys

Belairlecamping plan d'eau

New website!

New website

After some advice, I’ve decided to switch to WordPress for our Glampsite, that was a painful move! Though not a professional, I’d like to think I can put a website together, but WordPress makes life very difficult!

Nevertheless I’m pleased with the end result, and look forward to tweaking the content as our plans come together.

We’ve now got an email address for enquiries, an Instagram page and now beginning to advertise on glamping websites which is amazing!

We are also on track to move to France in October 2016, hence lots of boxes, bubble wrap and tip runs going on in the Pantry household!

Bon soir for now, time to relax with a glass of vin rouge 🍷